This season we’re excited to share with you a unique collaboration that draws on the strength of two leading Australian youth brands – Riders by Lee & Sudo Kids.

Riders by Lee is an established denim brand built on the essence of its iconic heritage, creating quality denim threads that capture the attention and imagination of today’s youth.

Sudo Kids, a progressive children’s apparel brand takes inspiration from international trends in men’s and women’s fashion, interpreting it for tomorrows next generation of fashion lovers.

Together they have created a collection that incorporates both Riders by Lee and Sudo Kids unique style and is specifically designed for the tween market.

It is inspired by the heritage look of Riders by Lee, with Sudo Kids take on what is trending in fashion and the detailed trims that are usually found on Sudo Kids garments. The collection has a vintage western influence which is currently trending in the fashion world.

With both brands being well known for denim, the core of this collection is denim orientated. Additional fashion pieces have been added to create a style that can be layered and the on-trend pops of colour tie the range together.

Available in Sizes 8 – 16.